Art Exhibition at Celebration Square

There is going to be an art exhibition at Celebration Square in August at the MuslimFest. Realizing that I may be the modern day Monet I have decided to bestow my artistic dazzle upon the world. Or at least whoever turns up for the exhibit. I just finished the application form. Which took me five hours since the computer knows I don’t have a whole lot of time and loves to test my patience. After filling the entire form (all 3450 pages) I was informed the link had failed. Woo hoo I got to fill the whole thing again!

Anyways here is what I am submitting:

This is how a great masterpiece was born…

2014-07-09 18.27.38


2014-07-10 13.33.13

2014-07-11 17.29.29

Yes the woman is holding her heart.

I used Prismacolor soft pencils for this.

And this one is literally about to be born…




I used oil pastels and the soft pencils on Mi-Teintes pastel paper for this one. It has real purty colors! Something less dramatic for people who are squeamish…



2014-07-08 18.25.27

This one is also soft pencils and oil pastels on Mi-Teintes pastel paper.

I have to finish two more paintings to submit. If I stop blogging you will know I made millions off these magnum opi ( of course opi is a word, it is plural for opus!) and am now lolling about on some tropical island sipping the fancy drinks they serve in coconut shells.


Multiple POV Query

It can’t be done. End of post. Seriously.


I have searched for examples of such queries and haven’t come up with much. Now I am stuck because I did something incredibly intelligent and wrote a story with the population of a small city. So I either kill them all off quickly or find some genius way to write that query. What I wouldn’t do for George Martin’s query letter right now. And honestly the blurb I found on Goodreads is pretty vague and boring. I would never have picked up that book to read if that was all I had to go on. I read the book after I started watching Game of Thrones.

So what to do? Putting up my different queries on Agent Query Connect has been helpful, but has also added to my confusion and frustration. I hate query letters. But they have to be written.

I am not going to change the novel, I have worked too hard on it. And I like that it is different. Most YA just deals with the MC, the growth of that one MC, the challenges he or she faces and how he or she comes out winning and usually ends up with the object of their desire. I wanted to do something different, a main character might not be good. They might not change, they might stay evil and heartless and that is life. Their actions will have a different effect on the different people around them, those different people are going to react, everything is intertwined. I wanted to write a story about people and how their paths cross and the chain reactions that occur when they do.

So I did, now I am stuck. I am grateful for Query Shark. Going though the tons of queries I came across one that has given me a glimmer of hope. A query letter that deals with three POVs.  So I am going back to the lab again and then will be re-posting my query on ACQ. When I do get published I will not get all snooty and stuff. I will put up the query letter that worked for my multiple characters (too many characters!)


Just Enjoy It


I am not going to give myself airs thinking I have been chosen by a Higher Power to show staggering patience and unbelievable tenacity so that I can complete some deep and meaningful task. I think God throws stuff at ( a select group of chosen) people like me to keep us entertained. Like having a desi guy as a husband (desi: of Indian sub-continent origin) or five wildlings for children. A germophobic health freak best-friend. Having a split personality: Angry Woman, Procrastination Woman, Can’t Stop Laughing Woman, Desi Mom, White Dad( let’s have a barbecue).

I found it very entertaining, for example, when desi guy ran a red light while cruising down the street at a leisurely speed:

Me: “You know you just ran a red light right?”

Desi Guy (slightly panicked): “Are you serious?”

Prodigal Son (enjoying this highly): “Yes, oh my God. What were you thinking we could have been killed.”

The roads had been absolutely empty. No excuse though.

Desi Guy: “Why didn’t you stop me?”

Me: “You are the one driving.”

Desi Guy: “This is your fault. You distracted me.”

With my incredible beauty? With my mesmerizing siren song? Had I been picking my nose? Whatever. It was my fault.

Speaking of noses and picking and stuff, teenager 1 wanted me to pierce her nose.

Me: “I don’t know, it’ll hurt.”

Teenager 1: “I can take it. You got it done that way when you were my age.”

Me: “By a village woman who had pierced the noses of half the country. It’ll be faster with a gun.”

Teenager 1: “omg just do it for me please.”

Me: “Look at this needle. See how big it is. This is going to hurt.”

Teenager: “Just do it.”

Me: “I can’t.”

Teenager: “Just do it.”

Me: “I can’t.”

Teenager 1: “Please!”

Me: “I can’t. My hands are all shaky.”

Teenager 1: “Oh my god mom just do…ow. You did it.”

Me: “yup.”

Teenager 1: “That’s it?”

Me: “yup.”

Next morning:

Teenager 1: “Mom. Mom. MOM!”

Me (packing lunches for school) “What?”

Teenager 1: “Can you pierce my nose again? The thread came out.”

Which wall shall I bang the frontal lobe of my cerebral hemisphere against?

My relatively new best friend is a doctor. She does not practice. Thank God. She is relatively new because although I have known her for three years, the first two I kept losing her phone number. I ran into her several times at Wal-Mart and school, each time I took her phone number and each time effectively managed to have it deleted via the kids. It was God’s way of telling me don’t bother, it is not meant to be. Then sometime last year I met her outside the school and dragged her to my house for tea. The tea I make is absolutely narcotic, people can never get enough and they keep coming back for more. I am a loud-mouthed-pajama wearing-female Dr. Lecter who doesn’t serve liver. Or kidney. Just tea, and I drag people I am acquainted with back to my house for that tea. I want to see what would happen.

Anyhoo…my relatively new best doctor friend has some peculiarities. She won’t let me shop at Food Basics because one of the cashiers there has a fungal infection which she diagnosed after observing it for half a nanosecond one day while shopping there. We can’t shop at the dollar store now either. Or Target. Or Suzy Shier or Winners. You know risk of frequent fatal fungal infections.

I wonder if her liver would go well with a spot of tea?


(pics from Google)



Celebrity Wife Swap


My kids went to bed early. The house was clean. I had only one load of laundry. It’s hard to believe. I still can’t get over it. The remote was all mine.

I switched on the TV, sigh, it wasn’t a dream. It was real. I surfed a couple of channels. I stopped at abc. The name of the show really intrigued me “Celebrity Wife Swap”.

I never watch reality shows. You should never watch reality shows. I don’t know the stats, but I am guessing there must be a certain percentage of the population that watches these things. I want to know who these people are. And why they are not seeking help for whatever unfortunate condition they have.That was about one hour of my life that I will never get back. I don’t even want to imagine what the Kardashians do. Or what kind of people watch them.

There is nothing more fake than a reality show. David Justice and Dweezil Zappa switched wives(what the hell is wrong with people?). David Justice had a makeover done by a bunch of little girls etc etc. And honestly this is supposed to be one of the better shows. At least they tried to teach some balance.

So what about the less than better shows. Have we really gotten this low? Do we not have lives of our own? Are there no better shows? Have all the libraries burned down? Do we really want to watch mediocre celebrities talk trash about their siblings as if they weren’t going to find out?

Yeah I guess so. Well cheers to progress.

kardashians “watch us to help boost your IQ”

Feeling Artsy

I think it was the fact that spring finally decided to make an appearance, I have been feeling all artsy this past month.

2014-05-18 21.41.20 I stole teen 1′s canvas board and did some clouds in acrylic.

2014-05-18 22.57.00My suddenly blooming garden inspired me to wear down a set of pastels.

2014-05-23 10.30.37 I am almost out of blue pastels.

2014-05-26 20.51.43yup blue is definitely all gone now…

2014-05-28 21.21.07Since I have consumed most of the pastel crayons I turned to acrylic paint (swiped it from teen 1) and started this one. I hope I can finish it tomorrow. I am thinking of dumping the kids on my worse  better half and taking a serious art course. Seriously. Or maybe I should get that novel done, the Best Seller List is patiently waiting for me. The Mayor is retiring too though…that could be fun.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


Can’t imagine life without them. But since they are all around us all the time, sometimes we just don’t seem to notice them, or really appreciate them. So thank you Cheri Lucas Rowlands for reminding us of their beauty and importance.


As a mother when I see these letters written by my kids (on endless love letters and pictures) nothing can describe the feeling of love that washes over me.


These letters name what I find in every corner, under the sofas, beds, the dining table and even in long tangled hair of Twin 2. I love cheerios. I just don’t like cleaning them up. I also don’t like the fact that they only seem to stick to my feet.


As a writer these letters on this device are my best friends, the ones on the screen and on the keyboard. The letters G-O-O-G-L-E take me to places I could never go.