Being Appreciated

I really appreciate Amyth Banerji at Mythbroakia for appreciating me. He nominated my blog for the Reader Appreciation award. You all know how the rules go:

1. Appreciate the blogger who nominated you. I did.

2. 7 things about yourself. Since I have done this many times, I don’t think readers will appreciate another 7 things. I plan on appreciating something else.

3. Appreciate 5 to 10 other bloggers.

So I am going to appreciate 7 things my kids have said.

1. Twin 2 (5 years) at an Aftar Party  a few days ago when using the host’s washroom:

“Toilet bowls are so big. Babies could just fall in. When I’m grownd up and have my own baby where will I make it go potty?”

2. Twin 1, just now. “When I am grownd up, I am not going to have a boy baby. He will just bug me all the time!”


3. Middle Child when she was a toddler observing an earthworm after the rain: “Mommy look eardworm hole is digging!”


4. Only son in answer to anything: “It wasn’t me!”


5. Eldest daughter in answer to anything:”It wasn’t me”Image

6. All at once at the dinner table: “I like dogs, can we get one?” “No! You have to pick up their poop!” “Ha ha he said poop! Stop pushing me!” “Poop, doggy poop!” “I am not picking up the doggy’s poop” “I don’t believe this! Why are we talking about poop at the dinner table?” “Ewww! Doggy poop!” “Stop it! Stop saying poop!” “Poop, poop,poop…Ow she hit me! you are a poopy face!” “MOM!!”

Me: “Pass me the poopatoes…”


7. After yelling at them to stop fighting, reminding them how lucky they are to have each other and that I was all alone as a child: Twins: “don’t be sad mommy you’re not alone anymore, now you have us.” And I am enveloped in a large odd shaped hug of five children.

I have nominated quite a few blogs the past few days so I am nominating some new blogs I have just started following that I thought were interesting:

1. Nyparrot

2. Zainab Khwaja’s Blog

3. Unspoken

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