Understanding Children

Here is something to give you a laugh. Yes it was possible to laugh without the use of every bad word imaginable. It took genius though.
Omg it is almost summer vacation which means Wild Things will be running rampant in the house. Anyways Cauliflower has a blog, please go visit when you get a chance!

Visit her here: Maryum Mazhar

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14 thoughts on “Understanding Children

  1. I know!! Why do so few comedians these days understand that you can be really funny without dropping f-bombs constantly and being totally crude.

    I also love Jerry Seinfeld for that reason. Totally clean, but totally hilarious.

    Hope you have a good summer vacay with the kiddos! Enjoy the “wildness” :)

    • Thanks, enjoyed the wildness and chaos…we moved, it was Ramadhan, we took kids out all over, raided Ikea several times, now I just want it to be September!! So how was your summer?

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