I Am Trying to Write…..

This is what I pictured for myself….

Aug-Sept 2013 003

…but I was duped into doing other things. My spot was hijacked. My laptop was hijacked. My cat was hijacked.

I am forcing myself to finish my WIP. It is YA. Speculative Fiction. Thriller. Conspiracy Theory. Would teenagers read a cross between Dan Brown and Joel C. Rosenberg? I googled and googled. Can’t seem to find anything that would come under that description for YA. Suggest some titles if you have read anything, I need to take a trip to the library for a good book coming under this description.

And of course, would a Literary Agent pick up something like that? They always say they want something new. I am giving you something new, Agent. So pick it up. It will scream at you from your slush-pile full of werewolves and paranormal romance, dystopias and aliens. It will earn you lots of money, no really it will. Teenagers need to be given a dose of reality, what is happening in the real world. They have been on a steady diet of make-believe for too long. So give it to them, let them freak out about something that could really happen. They can have their zombie splurge when “Walking Dead” returns.

When a smart, young detective crosses paths with the future leader of a steadily growing cult during a murder investigation they get caught up in a tangle of mysterious deaths ranging from a teenage blackmailer to the NSA Director. And a race to get hold of power in the Middle East

Now offer me representation!


8 thoughts on “I Am Trying to Write…..

  1. You DON’T mess with a writer’s cat. You just…don’t.

    Best of luck with your WIP and reclaiming your writing implements.

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