Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition: Contrasting effects.

Autumn pushing Summer aside

Fall 2013 009

The building that grew out of the trees

June 2013 018

He needed help…

Museum March '13 040


Winter vacation 2013 022

Teenager 1


Perfect place to write


Monsoon season ‘hydrofoil’ cars


My cooking instructor


I thought these were really great, go check them out:

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Frosty windows 008Windows give me plenty of motivation to photograph them! I have a whole collection, this one is from my daughters’ room.

June 2013 018This is one I took in June near Square One Mississauga.

thunderstorm July 19 2013 002July 2013,  behind Square One.

Frosty windows 010Frosty window when we had the ice storm.

Chulbully 2011 far far away in Karachi, a different life. The things we left behind.

Photos-02072011 sunset in Karachi. 

I know I’m not supposed to be here. But this morning :

Fall 2013 080


Photography courtesy of Middle Child. I know a lot of you have already gotten snow. But this was the first of the season for us. And I go crazy for snow. And so do offspring. So we decided today we would not hitch a ride with dad. We walked. And took pictures

Fall 2013 092

Of this and

Fall 2013 094


this. These ones are by moi. So is this one

Fall 2013 095


and I just went crazy…

Fall 2013 096


Fall 2013 097 Fall 2013 098 Fall 2013 099 Fall 2013 100 Fall 2013 101 Fall 2013 102 Fall 2013 103 Fall 2013 104 Fall 2013 105 Fall 2013 106 Fall 2013 107 Fall 2013 108 Fall 2013 109 Fall 2013 110 Fall 2013 111 Fall 2013 112 Fall 2013 113 Fall 2013 114 Fall 2013 115 Fall 2013 116 Fall 2013 117 Fall 2013 118 Fall 2013 119 Fall 2013 120


Every time I told myself this would be the last pic and I would now go home, have breakfast and get to that novel, the sky would say “wait, I have to show you something really amazing you can’t go home yet!”

“Ok,” I said “but make it quick some unknowing agent’s career is going to go va va voom once I get that novel done.”

The sky gave me that look and said, “yeah whatever. Now check this out.”  And I would be amazed.


Spelling Bee

Manha fairy 2


Okay I didn’t have a bee costume. So spelling Fairy.


Twin One:  I asked Patchy (our cat) two questions and she got them both right!

Me:  Wow she must be a smart cat.

Twin One:  She is. I am smart too.

Me:  Yes I think you are pretty smart.

Twin One:  I can spell Birthday. I learnt it myself b-i-r-t-h and then d-a-y!

Me: (In the most impressed tone possible) Wow. That is great!

Twin One:  You know what else I can spell?

Me:  Tell me.

Twin One:  I can also spell  dog pooh. D-o-g  p-o-o-h!



(Bee sticker photo courtesy of Twin One)

Mother’s Day Weekend

On the first night of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

The chance to go out and watch Iron Man three!

On the second morning of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

Two twins fighting and the chance to go out and watch Iron Man 3.

On the second afternoon of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

Three older children screaming, two twins fighting and the chance to go out and watch Iron Man 3.

On the second evening of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

One gone out with friends husband, three older children screaming, two twins fighting and a chance to go out and watch Iron Man 3.

On the Sunday of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

Pancakes doused in syrup, one gone out with friends husband, three older children screaming, two twins fighting and a chance to go out and watch Iron Man 3.

On the Sunday evening of Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

A fridge depleted of groceries, a poop filled litter box, fifty loads of laundry, innumerable dirty dishes, crayon decorated walls, Cheerios covered carpets, one seriously in trouble husband, five brawling children and I don’t even remember seeing the damned movie.

On the Monday after Mother’s day weekend my family gave to me,

An empty house full of serenity.

This is what I got Sunday morning.

May 2013 005

And two hand-made one of a kind bracelets made from fuzzy pipe cleaners and beads obtained from Dollarama.

May 2013 031

This is some of what I dealt with when everyone was finally out of the house.

May 2013 017

There were twice as many dishes in the sink and on the counter, and some were extracted from underneath beds and desks.

What were you treated to on Mother’s day?

May 2013 011

All pics courtesy of moi.

The Perks of Being a Cauliflower

022 (2)

Little girls are like flowers. Colorful, delicate and looking at them just makes you feel good. Until they turn into teenagers. Then they become cauliflowers. And if you still have flowers in the house, you stop bothering with the cauliflower, because let’s face it…cauliflower?! That is just fine with the cauliflower as they prefer to be left alone and not nagged or babied or lectured or what-everrrr! Just leave them alone and let them vegetate.


My cauliflower is a gifted artist and an incredibly lazy teenager who would rather flop in a remote corner of our abode and watch other people’s cats on YouTube. I’ve been bugging her to make a blog showcasing her work and get to know others who have the same interests, make new friends etc etc ie quit wasting her time laughing at the antics of unfamiliar felines because she is giving our cat an inferiority complex. Also I am tired of scanning, snapping, saving, collecting, preserving her work that often lies around until it decomposes unless I rescue it.


The purpose of this post is to recruit your help. Like, share, comment, lecture, nag, yell etc to show her that she really should do something more useful and stop torturing our cat with her hurtful preference of other cats. All the pics here are of her work, except the cheerful cauliflower which I got from Google Images. Enjoy.


002 (2)                 khaula and MM 2


Mehdia studying             MM observing sky


019           027



018          021

Stuff you do with clay

unicorn Patchy 002

I have a ton of other stuff, but I am hoping she will stop being such a cauliflower and DO IT HERSELF!!

unicorn Patchy 006


Look at our poor complexed cat. She needs to be videoed and uploaded to YouTube.


Spring Cleaning

I need to stay away from the internet if I want to finish writing my book. I’m on chapter 8, and I also wrote the last chapter and some stuff in the middle. That is also how I read novels. I often read the middle and end first just because.

So I am trying hard to resist the temptation of Facebook and reading blogs. It’s very difficult. I tried to  read some stuff on writing and I wanted to bang my head against the wall when I read this: Revision and self-editing.   I hope it helps any of you who are in editing stages. I clicked on the links which although maybe very useful I found to be well, very difficult to follow. Since I am not at the editing stage I hope to forget all about it for now.

Unfortunately I can’t sit and write all day because apparently family members need to be fed and the house can’t clean itself. There are lots of things for kids to throw garbage in when they are tidying up. Don’t forget to check all your vases when doing the spring cleaning.

march 26 019

I like vases. All shapes. All sizes. All colors.

march 26 016

I do not like what I find in them.

march 26 017

The start of a Guinness record holding rubber band ball. I am not adding the picture of some ‘organic’ material I found. It was either a dead animal or the remains of a school lunch sandwich from before last year’s summer vacation.

march 26 015

This is how I know one of my twins got hold of my camera.march 26 014

There are other things besides spring cleaning that keep me from writing that NYT best-seller.

march 26 004

This is one of them.

What distracts you from doing that great thing you were born to do?

(All pics courtesy of my camera and my willing feline model)

March break is over. Yay.

March break is finally over.  As soon as all the kids went to school yesterday I did the happy dance with my cat.

During March break, the kids were everywhere.

pics Oct Nov 2012 015

They were coming out of my ears.

March Break 010

They were messing up their bedroom.

March Break 013

They were messing up the kitchen.

March Break 007

They messed around at Bradley House Museum. And learned how to make maple syrup.

March Break 033

They messed around at the zoo.

polar bear dec 2012

They messed around at the museum.

Museum March '13 023  Museum March '13 040Museum March '13 039

They even messed around with the cat.

March Break 014


This is what I felt like while they were in the house:

March Break 002

And this is what I feel like now:



So I can go back to this:



What did you do in March break?

(All pics by me. Except the lady dancing with her cat. That is Google.)