Grocery Shopping



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the Angry Woman in my head are solely her own. So is her very offensive language.

Angry Woman 2014 Jan 023


This post is by the Angry Woman. So if bad words offend you…TOUGH SHIT!

We went grocery shopping. I’d rather have stayed home and watched Netflix, than watch dumb ass parents stock up on the worst shit out there for their junk food addicted little brats. You won’t believe the shit I see in people’s shopping carts. Parents are dumb! What kind of fucking idiot buys three boxes of Pepsi cans when junior can barely drag his 200 pound body to the bathroom to go pee out the previous five cans of fizzy poison? I wanted to shake this lady really hard. In fact she needed a good bitch slap, but Khaula is too much of a fucking sissy to stand up for that dumb ass woman’s obese offspring. That idiot mother then piled up chips, salty crackers, and sugar-coated shit cereal into her cart. Next came the ready-made meals. Boxes-of-frozen-processed-to-hell “pockets” of digestive system destroying salt, fats and calories, “Greedy Bastard’s” chicken pot pie and cans of sodium labelled “soup”. Why can’t these shitty parents spend half an hour in the fucking kitchen? Why did they have the audacity to become parents? Why is the young generation plagued by obesity, diabetes, ADHD and anxiety? Because they have dumb ass parents who can’t use fucking common sense. Wake up Goddammit!

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