I’m in the process of writing a dystopian and I’ve been through many of them from over the years. There are some things I feel the reader wants, please give me suggestions if you can think of something else. I came up with the following:
1.  A world that has been ravaged by war etc.
2.  The survivors are divided into good guys and bad guys.(duh)
3.  Good guys are oppressed by the powerful bad guys.(duh duh)
4.  An unwilling hero/heroine.
5.  A love triangle.
6.  Plenty of rebellion.
7.  Betrayal by a trusted person.
8.  Ultimate but hard-won victory. But maybe with the unexpected death of a main character.
I am adding race into this,because I haven’t read any of these so far as I can remember.
Part of the world will be developed and modernized, while another part (across the ocean) will have been devastated by wars and uprisings. The people living here however will be the ones who believe in freedom, and they choose to stay here rather than have to live under dictators. I got some ideas for places to use as settings from a great blog:  http://theurgetowander.com/
What do you think of these?
More From The Chongqing Region....
Having underground tunnels is a good way to avoid getting noticed by the “Bad Guys”
A place like this could be where the “Good Guys” live.
The modern and developed area where the “Bad Guys” live and enjoy the luxuries of life. (This image I got from Google Images)

2 thoughts on “WIP

  1. I guess i am not too late replying. I think while giving the good guys a place to live, you should look for something a little more advanced from the ones you have attached above. Because what you have above shows a vast vast difference technologically and will make them i.e the good guys mere outcasts outright and old age folks too. You can try to give them some old secret collapsed underwater city or something. In this way they cannot be easily accessible and they can work out their rebellion silently. And of course, then there can be sudden attack on their underwater city, making them come out in open and fight n stuff. The developed area can have flying cars running on magnetic waves or something instead of roads etc. I don’t know if i am making any sense to you but i thought i should give it a try. Good Day!

    • Never too late to give suggestions. Thanks, yes I think you are right about giving the good guys some underground tunnels etc and having some basic( at least ) technology, because eventually there has to be a rebellion. Some good ideas I can think about, please do give more suggestions as you read the chapters I put up, feedback is so helpful.

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