Other Stuff

Since I had planned this blog to be ‘writerly’ and all about writing, I started something new for all the other stuff I often have the urge to enlighten you all with. It is here: Desi Mom Eh?

And this is yet another brilliant way I will end up not writing the next best selling novel. I am still editing the second one and the third one is jealous that I am not giving it enough attention. Which reminds me, here is an interesting post by Writerlious and something that I have been thinking of a lot lately:  Levels of Writer and Reader Discomfort.

By the way if you have a cold or your kid does or your husband, mom, sister, next door neighbor or the girl at the checkout counter in Walmart, then I have a homemade remedy for it at Desi Mom Eh? 

Oye Desi!


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