Golden Globes 2013, thanks for enlightening me.


You know that Bruno Mars song about not wanting to do anything? What’s it called…just a sec I’ll google it. The Lazy Song! Well that is how I have felt. For the past two months, and so I did not write anything, did not blog anything, changed my clothes as least as possible and washed my hair even less. Refused to clean the house, unfortunately I had to feed the cat. And the kids. Or I may never have left the cozy spot on the sofa, which has now become a huge, unbecoming crater. It is so bad I think we may have to get  a new sofa. Writer’s block for me is not wanting to detach my eyes from the TV. Please don’t ask me what I watched, it is embarrassing. Alright dammit! Vampire Diaries. Now I need to drown myself in a handful of water.

My teen will never let me forget this. She reminds me all the time that watching episode after episode on Netflix of something that immature is a sure sign that I have no life. I mean no offence to fans of the show, if you are a teen who watches it that is ok. I have been out of that age group for decades. But for those of you who thought Twilight was cheesy, well this is the grandaddy of cheesy vampire love stories.

So I am over my couch potatoness.


I started writing stuff today, before that I cleaned the house and when I received a warning letter from the Peel Health department I realized it was time to wash my hair. The baby powder I was sprinkling in it was no longer effective.

I also plan on watching some more worthwhile stuff. The Golden Globe Awards have given me enlightenment otherwise my knowledge was temporarily limited to vervain, wolfsbane and hybrid werewolves.

I read Life of Pi some years ago, and I always like watching movies based on novels I have read. I am a fan of Ben Affleck so I have to see Argo, and I have to see Les Miserables just because it has to be seen. Oh and I also found out that Jodie Foster ‘has come out’. I am sure that bit of information will affect the lives of millions.

(All pics from Google Images)


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