Poor Miley


I go through a lot of news online, lots and lots of reading before I manage to write even a couple of paragraphs of my book. It is hard not to get distracted by some of the incredibly ridiculous things that are actually considered ‘news’. First the hype of some award show and then this wrecking ball drama. I came across an interview in which poor Miley explains why she behaves the way she does. I wanted to bang my head against the wall, think I am over reacting? Here:

” All I do is work, so I eat to live and to keep going. People are impressed with me ­because I can sleep for just 45 minutes – I’m used to it. I suppose I am a workhorse. I love being in the studio and when I take vacation I get so bored.”

You can read the rest here: http://dlisted.com/2013/09/02/miley-cyrus-admits-that-shes-messed-up-and-has-issues/

She gets so bored when she takes vacations. There are a whole bunch of bad words on the tip of my tongue right now. Please someone send her this link: 2 Million Syrian Children… You think your life is shitty? Everyone has problems, imagine the entire world sticking their tongues out and twerking because of them. Eww gross, never mind please don’t.

Anyways I actually just wanted to give you a link to an interesting post if you are into world politics:

okay, we have to do something about syria

(pic of a very constipated Miley is from Google Images)


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