Why Malala?

This was on Yahoo today:

Malala, survivor of Taliban, resented in Pakistan hometown

Interesting article and even more interesting comments such as:

“May be Pakistanis never learn. What can one say. Why even such articles get published? She is a hero and will always be. A male shopkeeper of course would never appreciate her….”

“She is a bright, articulate girl forced into the spotlight because of the violence done to her. ”

“She is trying to make Pakistan a better and safer place to live. A place to live in peace !”

I have two questions for these people. Do you live in Pakistan? Do you know what is really going on there?

The only information you have is what your media is giving you.  There may be a handful of people who resent Malala. A large percent are proud. And then there are the  few people who have enough intelligence to question.

Why? Why Malala?

Within a few hours the news was all over the world and President Obama condemns the attack and offers air ambulance services. This was honorable of him. But why only for Malala? Why didn’t he ever condemn the deaths of hundreds of children of Pakistan who have died in Drone attacks in the past four years? He has authorized 193 attacks and over 800 innocent civilians are dead. How many Al-Qaeda? 22. (Read this)

These children had names. They went to school. They wanted a better life. But they weren’t shot by the Taliban. So it doesn’t count.

UN  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared the attack as  a ”heinous and cowardly act.”

It was a heinous and cowardly act. And what about the random killing of three men by Raymond Davis? One of the men’s widows committed suicide, another attempted suicide:

 “The man murdered my husband and I demand justice. I don’t care if he is American he must not be allowed to get away with this,” Shumaila said.

No one condemned anything. Raymond Davis went home.  The men were mourned only in Pakistan. They weren’t shot by the Taliban. So it doesn’t count.

Laura Bush wrote an article in the Washington Times, one day after Malala was shot. She lauds Malala and condemns the Taliban, of course it must be a bit personal for her due to 9/11. Does she condemn the deaths of  30 000 innocent Pakistanis since her husband started his war on terror?  Your 9/11 is their 24/7 even after all these years. These were civilians. They had nothing to with the Taliban. No article to the Washington Post for them.

Madonna dedicates a song to her at her concert and shows off a ‘tattoo’ of Malala’s name on her lower back. Nice to know how aware she was of the tragedies of Pakistani children.  I want to see the name of this child tattooed to her back: His name was Syed Wali Shah and he was only seven when he died in a Drone attack.

He was someone’s child. Living flesh and blood. He had hopes and dreams. He was not killed by the Taliban, that is why you don’t know him.

So yes, some of us do question why Malala? Her coverage has the world focusing on one thing ; Pakistan’s rampant militancy. Ironically it wasn’t the problem it is today before 9/11. So question everything.

(I want to point out that Pakistan doesn’t just have Malala. Have you ever heard of Wajiha the little girl who drives a rickshaw to support her family? Of course not. Do you know Firdaus Begum the woman who runs soup kitchens for the poor against incredible hurdles? Have you heard of child activist Iqbal Masih? He was 10, he stood alone without the support of a family to fight against bonded labor. )




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