Whistle Blowers

I love “political thriller/conspiracy theory/Matrix/the world is not what you think” type novels and movies.  I started writing something that comes under the above category, which means I actually read more and write less. There is so much interesting stuff on the internet it just sucks you in and hours fly by in minutes.

Some stuff is pretty scary, some just plain ridiculous. But all of it really addictive. I have a very suspicious Google search history now. If I suddenly disappear…TELL THEM I WAS JUST A HARMLESS WANNABEE WRITER!

I read all the whistle-blower stuff to fit it into my future best seller. Seriously I think Americans should stop making fun of Canadians for being polite and living in igloos, they may have to move in with us to escape all their Agent Smiths. And Neo is Canadian.

I dunno what do you think? Should you go back to sleep or wake up? Maybe George Orwell knew what was coming. In any case I am happy in my igloo.  And you are being watched.


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