Writing the query….ugh!

fingers crossed

Last Friday I finished the novel I have been working on. I was so happy, today I have been working on the query letter (again) and the synopsis (again). I will probably be working on them for the next four years *sniff*

I posted them on Agent Query Connect, because there are so many great people there to help out. Let’s see how badly they tear up my work. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate, and return the favor when you need it, so I am posting my query letter here today. If you know where I should try submitting it, that would be great too. So here it is, I am bludgeoning my ego and baring my soul to you…

Dear Agent xyz,

Incur is a —-word conspiracy thriller for YA, set in the year 2051.

Janice Sinclair, rich bitch and Senator Sinclair’s only child is dead. Someone nailed her to the floor of her own bedroom.

When nineteen year-old homicide detective Natasha Damiri investigates the ritualistic murder, she discovers Senator Sinclair didn’t bother to mention the dead girl isn’t actually Janice. Then he disappears.

Evidence leads Natasha to Mehdi, the enigmatic leader in waiting of a growing cult, and now the prime suspect in a case that leads to a tangle of murders ranging from a young blackmailer to the President of the United States. And a race for power in the Middle East.Ā 

Any serious suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


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