I didn’t edit at all yesterday because my two friends came and dragged me out of the house. I hate them. Here is a funny little story by Meg. She has a great blog with lots of entertaining stuff about her adorable kids. Go and visit.

Dear Crazy Kids,

Dear Kids,

Yesterday was a snow day. I was texting with your Aunt Bethie (in a different town and not snowed in) while you two and the puppy systematically destroyed a set of Lincoln logs. Bethie texted me her work number and told me to call her up since things were slow.

The phone rang and after a garbled introduction (I was in the basement with low reception), I said hello. Buddy immediately grabbed for the telephone.

Me: Ok, Buddy wants to say hi. (set to speaker phone)

Buddy: I Buddy!

Aunt Bethie: Well, hello Buddy!

Buddy: Dat Kitten! Dat Mommy! Dat Puppy! I pway wit bwocks!

Me: (taking phone back) Fabulous. Good job, Buddy. We’re all hunkered down over here. Kitten is building with the Lincoln logs, Puppy is eating the Lincoln logs and Buddy is throwing the Lincoln logs. Another typical day here.

Aunt Bethie: <laughs>

Me: Lord, I just cleaned…

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