Multiple POV Query

It can’t be done. End of post. Seriously.


I have searched for examples of such queries and haven’t come up with much. Now I am stuck because I did something incredibly intelligent and wrote a story with the population of a small city. So I either kill them all off quickly or find some genius way to write that query. What I wouldn’t do for George Martin’s query letter right now. And honestly the blurb I found on Goodreads is pretty vague and boring. I would never have picked up that book to read if that was all I had to go on. I read the book after I started watching Game of Thrones.

So what to do? Putting up my different queries on Agent Query Connect has been helpful, but has also added to my confusion and frustration. I hate query letters. But they have to be written.

I am not going to change the novel, I have worked too hard on it. And I like that it is different. Most YA just deals with the MC, the growth of that one MC, the challenges he or she faces and how he or she comes out winning and usually ends up with the object of their desire. I wanted to do something different, a main character might not be good. They might not change, they might stay evil and heartless and that is life. Their actions will have a different effect on the different people around them, those different people are going to react, everything is intertwined. I wanted to write a story about people and how their paths cross and the chain reactions that occur when they do.

So I did, now I am stuck. I am grateful for Query Shark. Going though the tons of queries I came across one that has given me a glimmer of hope. A query letter that deals with three POVs.  So I am going back to the lab again and then will be re-posting my query on ACQ. When I do get published I will not get all snooty and stuff. I will put up the query letter that worked for my multiple characters (too many characters!)



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