Taking the Plunge


I recently attended an eight session workshop on how to run your own business, brought to our little city by Dipika Damerla (MPP Mississauga) and RISE. Thanks so much Ms. Damerla and the great ladies at RISE!. I am not a business minded person. I get nightmares if I look at numbers too much. I’d rather walk across burning coals than go up to people I don’t know and insist they buy my product. But I really love making beautiful things for my home, and at this point in life I really just wanna do what I love. So I thought what the hell.

I actually enjoyed the workshop immensely and all credit goes to the awesome business savvy Ms. Don’t-Give-Me-Any-Excuses-Kendall. Her knowledge mixed with her humor and a love for what she does make her one of the best teachers I have ever met. And I have met a lot of teachers!

The classes were fast paced and we got tonnes of homework but I loved every minute of it. I am ready to take the plunge and open shop soon. You will be able to find me on Etsy (soon), and I already made a page on facebook: Eastern Allure, go like it!

2014-10-14 13.01.03

Besides gaining a lot of confidence I also gained a great group of like-minded friends, we are getting together regularly to push each other, solve problems, organize exhibitions and of course eat!


If you are looking for some well-made, unique, exotic, eastern inspired home decor, come and visit me at Eastern Allure. I have what you need and I know you will love it.

2014-09-09 13.45.04      2014-10-11 11.24.37


The literary world may have to wait a while more for that best seller. C’est la vie.


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