Sew much to do


I have reached that stage in life where I am racing to do all the things I couldn’t think of doing when I was younger (you know that age when we just lolled around the house being bored all the time). My advice to all you bored teenagers is to get up off your butts and go do what you love (that does not include smoking weed, please don’t do that) and if you don’t know what it is you love to do yet, go try different things to find out what it is. Posting selfies doesn’t count and is lame so please get over it, the world will still keep turning whether you are pouting your lips or not.

I have been sewing up a storm of exotic looking items that I am quite happy with, and I am really enjoying my time doing this. However just as I was about to fall asleep last night Doubt hit me over the head with a sledge-hammer.

“You idiot, what about all the books you were supposed to have written by now?”

My head reeling with pain, I thought “yeah, what about those books?”

Then Doubt, satisfied she had done her job well, left me with a major headache unable to fall asleep. “What if I die before I get those books written?” Oh what a loss to the literary world. “What if I get them written, but die before I get an Agent?” Poor Agent. “What if I get an Agent, but die before I fix my books up to get published?” Poor publisher.  I realized I had to write a last requests letter with easy to follow instructions for my kids. Then I realized two of them are bored teenagers who won’t want to do all that work and three of them are too young to be writing Young Adult novels. And it would be hell for the editor with all those spelling and grammar mistakes as well. I racked my mind.

A light bulb went on. No, more like a whole row of LED tube lights. I have a couple of children’s books I had written, I must complete those at least. Yes. I could do that! That would be doable. The literary world of children’s picture books needs a contribution from a desi mom’s point of view. With desi mom style art work, because you know multicultural is in, we need more multicultural books. So, yeah I am willing to offer my skills if it will help the literary world in such an enormous way. Do not despair literary world, I have not forsaken you for the sake of my sewing projects! I am mom, I multitask! I will offer you my talents in between screaming at the kids to clean up while making dinner and finishing up a cushion cover!

Now should I use color pencils or paint? Picture book authors, advice needed!



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