Handmade Home Decor

So I did it! I participated in two Christmas Bazaars and opened a shop on Etsy. The past two weeks were like a whirlwind. It was really busy and I ended up sleeping late every night (read: I look worse than any zombie on The Walking Dead).

download (1)

Was it worth it? Yes. I learned a lot. Sold some stuff. Got feedback. Met great people. My house is a mess (understatement of the year). The floors are sticky and covered with unrecognizable substances. There is enough dirty laundry to make Cinderella grab a shotgun. I don’t remember when I last brushed my hair, there are two families of birds now living in it.

But my kids and desi guy were incredibly supportive. I am truly grateful for my family (including especially my aunt and her daughter who keep messaging me with encouraging chats) because it can get so overwhelming. You doubt yourself at every stage, work yourself to extreme exhaustion and it gets lonely.

It was good to participate in those bazaars because of all the great ladies I met. They had plenty of advice and encouragement, and you realize you aren’t really alone. And of course there are the moments that you look back at and laugh at, like when I fell flat on my derriere because I grossly miscalculated the position of my chair. I am sure I brought much joy to the rest of the vendors at that point. I jabbed myself with a happy faced thumb tack as I rushed to pin something on. I then profusely dripped blood all over the floor as I searched frantically for the ever absent tissue.



Here are some pics from the events…




My stall.



My friend’s stall. Food. Good. Me gain weight.

And here are some pics of the decor items I have created…


Christmas tree ornaments. Everyone loved these.IMG_0935



Cushion covers.

Table runners



Cell phone or cosmetic pouches.

I would love for you to visit my store, and please “like” and share things! You will find Eastern Allure here and on Facebook here. Oh and if you like to pin, Eastern Allure on Pinterest.

If you are in Mississauga and see something you like, message me on the Eastern Allure page so you don’t have to pay shipping, you can just drive over and pick it up!

(All pics courtesy of moi, except zombie chick, who was courtesy of google images)


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