Mie Goreng Recipe

I love trying out new recipes. I also end up making quite a few changes if I am missing an ingredient or have my own ideas. I cooked mie goreng (Indonesian fried noodles) a couple of times using this recipe and it turns out really good every time. (This has been tested on my fussy kids and they have approved!)


250 gm egg noodles (I boil the water then turn off the stove and let the noodles soak till they just get untangled and not fully soft- or they end up mushy later on. Drain, rinse with cold water and let them sit in the strainer.)

4-5 tbsp oil

500 gm chicken cut into short strips

500 gm prawns (peeled and deveined and deyucked- I use the ones from Food Basics)

1 pack (397 gm) of Dole’s coleslaw (saved me all that cutting!)

5-6 cloves of fresh garlic minced ( I just use my handy-dandy grater)

1/2 tbsp whole white pepper

4-5 tbsp sweet soya sauce (I couldn’t find any so I cooked some soya sauce with brown sugar-approx. equal amounts)

1 small-sized onion chopped really fine

100 gm bean sprouts

a small bunch of green onions chopped

What to Do:

1. Crush the white peppers with a mortar and pestle (or if you are lazy just grind it in the coffee grinder).

2. Heat up the oil in your wok (or just use your large frying pan and imagine it is a wok) on medium heat.

3. Throw in your garlic, onions and white pepper. Fry and stir around. Don’t let it get brown. Just a little golden.

4. Add the chicken and cook it till it is done ( if you want you can let it get a bit crunchy).

5. Add your prawns, let them cook and then add in your coleslaw pack ( aren’t you glad you didn’t have to chop all that up?)

6. Add the noodles and the soya sauce. Stir fry it and add the bean sprouts and green onions. Turn off the heat and serve ( I served it with Nasi Goreng-fried rice but they are great on their own too.) I find I don’t have to add salt, but if you need it you can add it to taste.



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