Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room or How I dealt with the Ridiculous Lack of Space

These are some pictures I took with my Jurassic period Samsung of our house in Karachi. Not the clearest pictures but you can see how much space I had to decorate however I liked. This was just the average middle class type of house. We had so much room! No such thing as a small living room here.

Photos-0361 Photos-0362 Photos-0363 Photos-0364

When we moved back to Canada my kids and husband were enlightened with the true meaning of compact.  The average house is quite small. Storage space is a foreign concept and the fact is people coming from the Eastern Hemisphere have a fatal attraction for stuff. It is a herculean task to depart with our treasured stuff.  We can’t do it. Asking us to put our loads of precious stuff in a small living room is a cruel thing.

I have a big family and we entertain as much as the average brown family does, which is a lot. I have an eight chair dining table that did not fit in the small dining room. Our dining room can barely contain a six chair dining table. No offence but I have a feeling white people need to build bigger houses so they can invite more people to dinner, more often.

There was nothing to do but stick the dining table in the small living room and the living room stuff in the even smaller dining room.  I have still not heard the end of this stunt from my offspring and desi guy. But it was the only option I had, so yes my living room is a teeny tiny space at the entrance of my even tinier kitchen. So how do you fit that bulky western furniture into a teeny tiny living room?  You don’t. You go to Ikea and buy teeny tiny furniture. You can also explore thrift shops and second-hand furniture shops because you never know what treasures you will find there, and let’s face it how many of us can really afford the awesome looking designer furniture that will cost you an arm and a leg?

small living room chair

Yes I would buy this chair for $1114, because I have a magic bean stalk in the garden which sprouts $1000 bills in great quantities.

I fit my small set of traditional Sindhi chairs into my (ridiculously) small living room. I had brought them over with me from Pakistan against the wishes of desi guy and teen 1 who absolutely loathe the set. But it shall stay with me till the day I die. After which I am sure they will burn it whilst doing the happy dance around the flames.


The teeny tiny furniture makes the room look not so teeny tiny. Notice my hideous green walls? Floor cushions are for the kids to flop around on while they read.


My big beautiful dining table. We used a bench on one side to give the room more space when not in use. We searched for bargains and everything was bought at different sales. You just have to wait a bit.


Newspaper butterflies and wrapping paper flowers by moi to pull attention away from my hideous green walls. Ughh.


I stuck the coffee table here for candles and plants and stuff because it just took up too much space in the small living room.


My thrift store treasure. I love this chair. Marilyn Monroe by teen 1 and candle tray thingy was thrown together with a thrift store heavy steel tray, lakeside pretty pebbles and dollar shop candle holders.

Even though I would really like to keep adding stuff in my teeny tiny living room I can’t.  You just have to discipline yourself if you want it to work. I did however glam it up with silk banarsi cushion covers and little knick knacks, but everything has to be little. Wall hangings and paintings are good too, always get your frames at thrift stores, they have every size and style and they are all so cheap. I also plan on hopefully painting the walls a nice light shade of “anything besides that hideous green” to make the space brighter.



4 thoughts on “Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

  1. You´ve done a great job with a small space. I just moved to Spain and the places here are way smaller than in Canada. I also have too much stuff, although I got rid of a lot. It will be a challenge to fit it all in when it arrives.

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