The Marilyn Denis Show

My sister-in-law, Mads, phones me one day,

“Do you want to go to the Marilyn Dennis show? I have tickets.”

And I was like,

“Well I’ll have to check my schedule…hmmm I have lunch with Taylor Swift. Then a meeting with the Mayor.  I did promise  Priyanka Chopra I’d take her shopping. But I suppose I could cancel, just let me tell my P.A. …Okay I’ll go.”

I listen to Marilyn on the radio in the morning sometimes.  And I’ve seen her show. I’m a fan, how could I not clear my schedule for this? Even if it meant I had to wake up an hour earlier so I could get everything ready for the kids and then take a train to Toronto.  I got to watch the sunrise on the train.


It was great. It was especially great because I don’t have to do this every day. I really feel for all of you who have to get up early and go out to work, while I do the happy dance after sending my kids to school.  In my nice warm house. In my flannel  jammies.  With my fat cat. I am sensing some jealousy.

Desi guy looked up the train schedule for me. It took him about an hour to convince me that I would not accidentally get off at the wrong station. It was the last stop. So it would take an incredible amount of stupidity to still get off at the wrong stop. Yes I am a dork who gets driven around by her husband and hasn’t had the need to hop on the train to Toronto by herself.  I am sensing more jealousy.

After my adventurous train trip all by myself Mads picked me up at Union Station. It was so bloody cold outside.  She was GPSing via her phone to reach the T.V. station. If you do not live in Toronto or travel there for work every day, you should not drive there. Their traffic is in a different language. God bless Hazel McCallion and her amazing planning skills. She has spoiled us Mississaugans with awesome streets. And traffic lights that we can easily find. Yeah there were a couple of times that we were both searching frantically for the signal that let us know whether or not we could make that left turn amidst an orchestra of angry honking horns. Never hear those in Mississauga!


After reaching the over charged parking with our bodies intact, we walked to the station in the bitter cold in our light shoes because we didn’t want to stomp in with our huge boots. Another dork move as they had a coat room and everyone else was changing into their high (very high) heels and out of their fancy boots when we got there.

Everyone looked like they were there for a photo shoot. Seriously they were that ready. We looked at each other. Ah well. I think they seated us at the very back because they were too embarrassed to let us be shown on live T.V.  For me getting dressed up means I have bothered to change out of my flannel jammies and into a clean set of clothes. And I am happy that way. Mads on the other hand was dressed casually, but she looked good. And if you can look that good in just lipstick and some eye pencil then it is ridiculous to put go through all the trouble of looking “made-up”. Everyone looked like they had three layers of beige paint on their faces. But hey, they got to sit up front right? So next time we are lucky enough to get tickets I too will be slathering makeup on my face. If I can get up that early. Scratch that.

Anyways there we were at the back, just happy to sit and watch Marilyn Denis do her stuff. We did not mind that the show was not about home décor, or that neither of us was going to get a makeover, or that they did not invite Channing Tatum (okay I did mind that one a bit). We did not mind that the show was in fact about getting your kids vaccinated. Even though we are both expert enough, with 8 kids between us, to write a book about it.

However, Dr. Lisa Kellett was also a guest on the show and she had some tips for winter skin. And skin care products for all of us. Woot! I suppose I should try to remember to actually use the stuff. I will try the creams out and let you all know when I go from blah to wah!


Oh, we also all got socks. And ear muffs. We are in Canada you know, it gets cold eh?


TIP FROM THE SHOW: If your feet are really dry (before going to bed) put on some petroleum jelly, pull a plastic bag over your feet then a pair of socks and voila in the morning they should be fine. (I have done this in the past and yes it really helps.) Also if you have a serious problem with brown spots, Dr. Kellett has this laser thingy which will take care of it. So you might want to Google her clinic, DLK on Avenue, to find out more.


(Look at the Doc’s skin! It glows.)

There was a cooking segment with Abbey Sharp and although we did not get to taste test the quinoa stuffed cabbage rolls which looked so damn good, we did all get slow cookers. My new favorite thing is going to be slow cooker recipes. I will post the good ones for you.

At the end of the show we got to meet Marilyn which was great. She was still all smiles even after doing the show and meeting every single one of us (not to mention having her picture taken a gazillion times). And she is so graceful, look at her picture!


Look at me. Now look at my feet.

20150121_113116 (2)

Dork till the end.





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