Damn it Facebook

I am trying to avoid Facebook, because although it is a great way to keep up with friends and family that are living all over the world, it is the biggest time sucker ever. You open it, promising yourself just a quick “hi” to everyone that will not take more than five minutes. Ha! Hahahahaha! Biggest joke ever.


Internet has the word ‘net’ for a reason, and it has nothing to do with being connected. That is just to fool you. It is a net, a trap. I am caught by it most of the time. I go to find some information about something I need for my book and two hours later I am still unable to stop myself from perusing just one more picture of baby llamas.


Now go visit this site and be overwhelmed by the insanely cute baby llamas. (muahaha-you are welcome)

I had written a story for a picture book, I had sent it out a couple of places. I was politely rejected from all places (oh the agony) then I just left the thing to marinate in my laptop. A couple of months ago I had the (not so) brilliant idea that I should make pictures for it because what the hell right? I like to doodle, and I was  bored of painting. Now I want to send it out again, and have been stalking writer’s resources and some great blogs belonging to some awesome writers. The ratio for writing a book to reading about how to do it is 1:100 000. Maybe even more. C’est la ironic and insane vie of le writer.

If you are writing something ( ie you are nuts) or plan on writing something (soon will be nuts) then these are some great places to visit for learning and having fun while you do it because writing is crazy and you don’t want to be alone in crazy town or on they way there.

Heylookawriterfellow I won his book, Sarah Gives Thanks, and my kids absolutely loved it. He is so hilarious, make sure you are not drinking coffee while reading his blog! This is the best place to go when you are suffering from extreme depression because you decided you should write a book.

Catherine M Johnson Feed your imagination here! Awesome poems and great art! Her book, Zompoemz, has plenty of fans. Zombie poetry for kids, yeah her imagination is awesome!

Darlene Foster has written an entire series about a young Canadian girl, Amanda, and her incredible adventures around the world.

Khanversations Rukhsana Khan is a great story teller. I loved hearing her read Big Red Lollipop and so did my kids.

Visit these blogs for advice and tips and good luck with your writing! And stay away from Facebook. Especially posts overloaded with cute animals.

Give me your bet writing tips, I need them!


14 thoughts on “Damn it Facebook

    • Good luck 😉 I find if I resist that temptation “just gonna check for five minutes” and start doing some writing I am successful. I let myself go to FB once I am able to get some writing done. Thanks for visiting 😀


  1. I am so guilty of being caught in the web of Facebook etc. But it helped my book cover to win so I guess it´s not all bad. And those baby llamas are so cute!! Thanks for mentioning me and my books. Good luck with your picture book. It takes a while but someone will publish it!

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