Writerly Stuff

I like love to write and I also (fortunately for all of you) have an opinion about everything.

I have a children’s book published …

  ….about a little girl who wants to spend some time with her mother, but Mama is always just so busy! If you are interested in buying, it is available online here: SaeedBook Bank

This is not an e-book, but I wrote it when I lived in Pakistan, so it is only available in shops there.  I had also written a novel there which won a commendation certificate from the National Book Foundation in Islamabad. I am still fixing it up along with two other YA novels I have written. I plan to barrage the NYT best-seller list all at once. Seriously, one day I am going to make some lucky Agent very happy.

Post Featured in Blog Her:


Article for The Edvocate:


Article I wrote for She Canada :


I also wrote humor articles for the leading English newspaper in Pakistan, you can find those here:

These are articles I have written for Dawn’s Sunday Images.

http://archives.dawn.com/archives/69266   Summer Sanity

http://archives.dawn.com/archives/69571 Meet the Neighbors

http://archives.dawn.com/archives/69244  Terror in the Classroom








This is an article I wrote for Get Karachi.com.  Let a six-year-old tell you about apartment life.


This is an article I wrote for Pak Tea House. Some advice  for stressed out people.


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