Art Battle

Just participated in my fourth Art Battle, this time in Toronto at the Great Hall. It is 100% pure excitement just to watch and even more so to participate. I have been lucky so far to always reach the final round, keep your fingers crossed that I win it sometime soon!

Have to thank the Art Battle team (and founders) for providing artists with such a great opportunity to push ourselves to higher levels, share our work (and yes even sell!!) as well as get some great exposure. If you haven’t attended a battle yet check out their Facebook page or Website to find an event near you, you will not regret it!



Boxes and Banners by Mississauga Arts Council

I have always admired the street art that adorns Toronto so I was overjoyed when the Mississauga Arts Council started their Boxes and Banners Project to beautify (artify!) Mississauga streets. I am humbled to be one of the lucky artists who painted a Bell box.

Here is my box’s transformation!

It was unveiled amidst a bit of fanfare with the Mississauga Arts Council and some of its board members, the local Councillor and singer Arlene Paculan to serenade us. There was ice cream for everyone who attended the unveiling, and yes it was one hot day!

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


Ever feel like you were being watched? Yeah me too sometimes. Courtesy of Middle Child, Twin 1 and Twin 2.

Art Exhibit


So I got this in the first week of January. A really nice way to start the year! You can see my piece here : All Women Art Exhibition

In between the art nights that I am doing I hope to put in some more time for exhibitions. Had an art night yesterday, and the paintings all turned out awesome ( so proud of my participants! You all did an incredible job!) Check out the paintings…


CN Tower and a summer sunset.


I have been trying to keep up with my sketch book along with the paint nights, mornings and afternoons. Yes I did a paint breakfast as well as the paint lunches and dinners!

My participants have given me motivating feedback, and I am happy that painting has proven to be such a fun and  at the same time stress relieving activity for them as well as for me. I am having one last event on the 30th of December. I hadn’t planned on doing any more before January 2016, but there were so many requests for one last “hurrah” before next year 🙂

With all the planning, painting and other stuff  that goes into organizing these paint events I have less time to practice in my sketchbook. But I choose simple little drawings that I can manage while watching Dr.Who with my girls. So here’s a peek at my sketchbook…




and this last one I started yesterday ….


I hope to finish this one tonight. I also have some paintings I am working on for a silent auction for charity…busy !!!

What to do on a Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day (yay!)so I am reblogging this one. Also I am still in the “depths of despair” about the ugly truth about writing and still don’t feel like writing.

khaula mazhar


I am sick today. And I sit here with a box of tissues, a bottle of hydrasense and a clove of burning garlic shoved in my aching ear. I am too sick to do anything but have random thoughts and watch boring shows on TV. Daytime television is bleh. There is more snow coming. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow…” the bus ain’t coming cause school is closed.

For Moms:

1. Make a huge amount of hot chocolate. Pour in a bottle of Benadryl. Give them as much as they like, they’ll all be out before you know it.

2. Send them outside and offer a ‘ten’ for every igloo they make. They’ll stay out of your hair the whole day. Then give them a dime for every igloo. What?

3. Send them over to Grandma’s. That is what parents are for. (Be sure to move to…

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Weekly Photo Challenge :Twinkle


I bought these glasses at a thrift store, and set them right in front of the lamp so they twinkle!

Here are some more great twinkling pics:

The Ambitious Drifter

Retired and Rewired in Nicaragua


Handmade Home Decor

So I did it! I participated in two Christmas Bazaars and opened a shop on Etsy. The past two weeks were like a whirlwind. It was really busy and I ended up sleeping late every night (read: I look worse than any zombie on The Walking Dead).

download (1)

Was it worth it? Yes. I learned a lot. Sold some stuff. Got feedback. Met great people. My house is a mess (understatement of the year). The floors are sticky and covered with unrecognizable substances. There is enough dirty laundry to make Cinderella grab a shotgun. I don’t remember when I last brushed my hair, there are two families of birds now living in it.

But my kids and desi guy were incredibly supportive. I am truly grateful for my family (including especially my aunt and her daughter who keep messaging me with encouraging chats) because it can get so overwhelming. You doubt yourself at every stage, work yourself to extreme exhaustion and it gets lonely.

It was good to participate in those bazaars because of all the great ladies I met. They had plenty of advice and encouragement, and you realize you aren’t really alone. And of course there are the moments that you look back at and laugh at, like when I fell flat on my derriere because I grossly miscalculated the position of my chair. I am sure I brought much joy to the rest of the vendors at that point. I jabbed myself with a happy faced thumb tack as I rushed to pin something on. I then profusely dripped blood all over the floor as I searched frantically for the ever absent tissue.



Here are some pics from the events…




My stall.



My friend’s stall. Food. Good. Me gain weight.

And here are some pics of the decor items I have created…


Christmas tree ornaments. Everyone loved these.IMG_0935



Cushion covers.

Table runners



Cell phone or cosmetic pouches.

I would love for you to visit my store, and please “like” and share things! You will find Eastern Allure here and on Facebook here. Oh and if you like to pin, Eastern Allure on Pinterest.

If you are in Mississauga and see something you like, message me on the Eastern Allure page so you don’t have to pay shipping, you can just drive over and pick it up!

(All pics courtesy of moi, except zombie chick, who was courtesy of google images)


I didn’t edit at all yesterday because my two friends came and dragged me out of the house. I hate them. Here is a funny little story by Meg. She has a great blog with lots of entertaining stuff about her adorable kids. Go and visit.

Dear Crazy Kids,

Dear Kids,

Yesterday was a snow day. I was texting with your Aunt Bethie (in a different town and not snowed in) while you two and the puppy systematically destroyed a set of Lincoln logs. Bethie texted me her work number and told me to call her up since things were slow.

The phone rang and after a garbled introduction (I was in the basement with low reception), I said hello. Buddy immediately grabbed for the telephone.

Me: Ok, Buddy wants to say hi. (set to speaker phone)

Buddy: I Buddy!

Aunt Bethie: Well, hello Buddy!

Buddy: Dat Kitten! Dat Mommy! Dat Puppy! I pway wit bwocks!

Me: (taking phone back) Fabulous. Good job, Buddy. We’re all hunkered down over here. Kitten is building with the Lincoln logs, Puppy is eating the Lincoln logs and Buddy is throwing the Lincoln logs. Another typical day here.

Aunt Bethie: <laughs>

Me: Lord, I just cleaned…

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Notes from the Armchair #8: The Neil Gaiman Effect

Going on a reblogging splurge because there’s no time to post anything myself while I edit my novel. I thought this was really interesting and might be useful for anyone else who is writing.

Red Sofa Literary

By Laura Zats

This past week, #MSWL was trending on Twitter. Although #MSWL tweets are made throughout the year, semi-annually, there is a designated day where agents and editors use the hashtag to share their wishlists with the world. The abbreviation is short for ManuScript Wish List, and it’s my favorite day, because I get to ask the universe for a story I want to see in my heart of hearts, and I actually have a pretty good chance of getting it. 

If only manuscripts came in puppy form. If only manuscripts came in puppy form.

The only way it could be better is if I asked for a pile of tiny pit bull puppies, received it, and then was able to earn royalties on them. Alas, I will just have to stick to accosting strangers’ dogs and cute Buzzfeed lists…

This #MSWL round, I found myself asking for, above all else, books with diversity.

Racial diversity…

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