Stormy skies


We stopped at the park after school. It was wonderfully windy and grey and the sky had a lot to say.






Don’t you just love stormy skies?

I’m a Writer

broke writer


(this pic from Google Images)

I was walking to the library after dropping the kids at school. It was so amazingly, awesomely beautiful out. The sky had turned very dark gray and the wind was beginning to blow like crazy. And then it started to snow. I was waiting at the lights with this other lady who had just dropped her kids. She was going for a walk and we were both admiring the weather, she was going to continue her walk and I told her I would be going to the library.

“Oh you work at the library?”

“No, I just go there to write.”

“Oh you are a writer?” Admiration in her voice.

I had to think,  not an author, but yes a writer. Because that is what I do, I write.

“Yes,” I said proudly, “I write.”

I am just glad she didn’t ask me how much I made on my last book!



(This pic is by me. Of my laptop. At the library. Where I write.)


I know I’m not supposed to be here. But this morning :

Fall 2013 080

Photography courtesy of Middle Child. I know a lot of you have already gotten snow. But this was the first of the season for us. And I go crazy for snow. And so do offspring. So we decided today we would not hitch a ride with dad. We walked. And took pictures…

Fall 2013 092

Fall 2013 095

Fall 2013 097 Fall 2013 098 Fall 2013 099 Fall 2013 100 Fall 2013 101 Fall 2013 102 Fall 2013 103 Fall 2013 104 Fall 2013 105 Fall 2013 106 Fall 2013 107 Fall 2013 108 Fall 2013 109 Fall 2013 110 Fall 2013 111 Fall 2013 112 Fall 2013 113 Fall 2013 114 Fall 2013 115 Fall 2013 116 Fall 2013 117 Fall 2013 118 Fall 2013 119 Fall 2013 120

Every time I told myself this would be the last pic and I would now go home, have breakfast and get to that novel, the sky would say “wait, I have to show you something really amazing you can’t go home yet!”

“Ok,” I said “but make it quick some unknowing agent’s career is going to go va va voom once I get that novel done.”

The sky gave me that look and said, “yeah whatever. Now check this out.”  And I would be amazed.